Devlog #12 (Spaaaaaaaccee!)

Space… The final frontier.

Hello there cadets,

Big update this month, a fair bit to go over so let’s begin shall we?


Discord Server and Closed Alpha

Come on down!

First up! I’d like to invite you all to the official Discord Server for Raygun Gadabout. 

There you can get news and updates straight from the horses mouth, behind the scenes stuff not posted anywhere else. Come chat about anything and everything.

Also if you want a chance to be part of the upcoming Closed Alpha that’s the place where It’ll be announced. I’m looking forward to getting the game into your hands so you can help me iron out the kinks and help improve things. I understand the importance of your feedback in trying to make this the best game possible. So thanks in advance.




The Final Frontier

On the galactic front we have a few big things to talk about.

Space! Now in the 3rd Dimension

Yay! We now have some top down 3D. I think it makes flying around and exploring space a lot more interesting. Also, the galaxy is now a contiguous space, you could fly from one end to the other, except for all the things preventing you from doig so. Space is a dangerous place.

On top of that we have the ability to shoot lasers. 

Space Shooting.gif


And we have collisions and health, so try not to crash into the sun okay?

Space Collision.gif


New UI

A look at the UI refresh. Planetary information can be brought up while in orbit now.

You may also notice that the HUD showing planetary objects around you has been replaced with a minimap.


Reflection Puzzles

Since the shield is one of the main mechanics around which everything is built I wanted to incorporate it into other aspects of the gameplay outside of combat.

An example of that would be puzzles. Above is the very first and quite simple one.

Bouncing your laser off of that reflecting wall changes its property. You need to reflect it back in order to open the door.

It has the added bonus of teaching you how to use your newly acquired shield.

Spamming lasers against a reflecting wall

I’m pretty excited about the possibilities of this mechanic. I don’t want to spoil any of the more advanced puzzles, but here’s another sneak peek of an early one.

First Real Reflect Puzzle
An early reflection puzzle


Reflecting shots speed/damage multiplier


retooled how the reflection system works in combat to create some ping-pong type battles. As shots reflect they increase speed and their damage output multiplies. 

Thanks for stopping by

As always I thank you for taking the time and expressing an interest in Raygun Gadabout. I’m really excited and feel a renewed drive to get this game in your hands as soon as humanly possible.

Remember if you want a chance to try it early you should join the Official Raygun Gadabout Discord.

That’s the only place where I’ll be soliciting people to try out the Closed Alpha when it is ready. It’s also a good place to come chat with me and others about all kinds of things game related and other. You are welcome to join the burgeoning community of Raygunners.


Warp Speed.gif


That’s all for now. Till next time. Keep watching the stars.


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